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What are the opening hours?

Monday- Friday: from 8°° to 16°°

We recommend appointments made by phone in advance.

How about the delivery terms ?

The delivery terms are from 1 to 12 weeks. The delivery terms depend on goods availability in our premises and warehouse, production time and transportation time. The delivery time in case of "custom made " goods it will be agreed with the customer in advance and confirmed with the order. Goods with a comment " in stock " are available at your convenience in our warehouse in Hurbanovo, or it can be sent by courier or forwarder. It usually takes from 1 to 3 days, based upon agreement with customer.

When does my order become definite ?

Your order becomes definite after receiving the confirmation of the order.

My e-mail was not replied within 48 hours.

In such case, please contact us on the following telephone number +421 35 760 26 89 or e.mail address info@yokla.sk

I have already sent the order but  I would like to make a few changes. Is it possible?

Unless the order is confirmed by us we can make changes without hesitation. If this is not the case, please contact us as soon as possible.

Can the purchaser cancell the order?

The purchaser has the right to cancell the order anytime before it was confirmed as definite. After the confirmation has been done, this can happen only if the seller will not meet the agreed delivery terms. In case of order cancellation the purchaser is obliged to settle the seller´s damage, mainly in case that it was the "customized goods" and the seller had provable expenses in connection to provide the goods.

How to pay for the goods ?

The goods taken directly from the warehouse the purchaser pays 100% of its value, as stated on the invoice. The payment can be done by bank transfer to bank account mentioned on the invoice or in cash at the cash desk. While taking the good as cash on delivery you pay the courier or the forwarder directly at the moment of goods take over. The ordered goods as "customized" you pay 50% after the definite order has been done, the rest of the outstanding amount after it was delivered. The goods remain company´s property until it was paid.

The payment can be done to the following bank account :

VUB Hurbanovo 2092940559/0200


IBAN: SK79 0200 0000 0020 9294 0559

Guarantee period ?

The guarantee period is 2 years long since the goods were delivered. Certain models have 5 years long guarantee.

How is the goods delivered ?

You can pick the goods up directly in our premises at the warehouse in Hurbanovo,  Komárňanská street 70 . If requested, we can send the goods by courier (UPS, Rhenus) or other forwarder, depending on the volume and the amount of goods.

Can you help me with installation?

Yes. The price does not involve the installation. The delivery is conśidered to be completed after it has been taken to the  destination place, without installation or any other kind of handling. The installation price will be settled individually, depending on the order itself.

How can I get to the pick up point for the goods?

The pick up point YOKLA s.r.o. is located on Komárňanská street70 in Hurbanovo. More detailed information with navigation map is displayed on the web site yokla.sk " Contacts".

Is there a way to order the goods beside the internet shop ?

Yes, and sometimes it is even necessary – in case it is necessary to specify the details, like i.e.covering, its colour or other parameters. In these cases, please send the order via e-mail, fax or you can issue it directly at our premises.

You have not found the answer to your task?

In such cases do not hesitate to contact us at info@yokla.sk. We are glad to be helpful.



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