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Before the purchasing process starts, please log in and create a new account.

If there is a special request or demand, please write to info@yokla.sk, we will be pleased to reply within the soonest possible time.


The registration is done after your name, address, telephone number, log in and password have been entered. To register yourselves, please click to banner "log in ". There is a subwebsite with a form appearing where all the fields must be filled in. All the information must be signed into appropriate columns. The items marked with symbol *compulsory items are actually compulsory and thus necessary for successful registration. After entering all the required information, please click to "create a new account". If you make any mistake or you do not fill in the compulsory items, there is the form appearing again and you will be asked to correct the missed data. When everything is done, the dialogue box with information about the successful registration will appear and the system will send you an information e.mail with log in data. Since this very moment you have become the registered customer. Visiting the website in the future does not include any other information to be provided. After you click on "Sign in"  in  the right  upper corner and you provide your log in and password. After this you will be logged in.

Shopping trolley

When you have chosen the products you want to purchase, first you must put them into the virtual shopping trolley. This can simply be done by clicking to button "put into trolley" while examining the products´ details. Immediately after the products were put into the trolley, its content will be displayed. Each item can have modified number of pieces. If you want to remove the items from the trolley, put zero into column number or push the trolley button. The mentioned price is the summary of all the prices of items in the trolley. The final price, including the VAT and transportation costs, will be displayed before the final consigning of the order. If you have not logged in yet, please do so now. There might be some ordered items in the trolley from the previous virtual purchase that has not been finished yet. These items will be displayed in your trolley after you are logged in.

Then you can continue in the choice of other, planned items to be purchased. You can do it clicking onto button "Continue". You can come back to your trolley anytime by clicking to button on the right upper bar where you can also see the actual value of the trolley´ s content. After you have chosen from our offer, click the button "Further step", where you are expected to check your invoice data and the delivery address. Within the next step you can choose the delivery and payment options. The order is finished after its confirmation has been done.


To realize your orders it is necessary to be logged in. Once you are logged in you are allowed to access the site to send the order. This site displays the trolley´s content, that is the items you want to purchase. There are also the payer´s data, the ones given while the registration was done. The mentioned data can be changed after you click to Change address button. Below the payer there is the form to provide the address of the receiver. Here you can choose from the options where to let the delivery be sent, i.e. to your workplace, etc. Then you can choose from the methods of  payment and delivery. If you have finished everything, click to button "Finish the order". The actual state of realized orders can be traced after clicking to button "Back to orders" in the customer´s menu. After the order was sent a confirmation e.mail can be expected to receive.

Methods of payment

Cash on delivery

The shipment is paid by cash after it was taken from distributor forwarder. The shipment must be checked after  taking over.

Bank transfer payment

Yet before the order was to be sent we provide you all the necessary information for the money bank transfer in your bank. The information will be sent to your e.mail. The shipment is to be sent after the whole amount has been transfered to our bank account in VÚB Hurbanovo  account number 2092940559/0200, SWIFT: SUBASKBX, IBAN: SK79 0200 0000 0020 9294 0559

In cash

In case of cash and carry method of handling the goods at our premises on the following address Komárňanská st.70, 947 01 Hurbanovo. Before the purchase is going to be done it is recommended to check whether the requested amount is on stock via phone: 035/760 2689 and agree on the day of stock removal.

Methods of delivery

You can pick the goods up directly in our premises at the warehouse in Hurbanovo, Komárňanská street 70 . If requested, we can send the goods by courier (UPS, Rhenus) or other forwarder, depending on the volume and the amount of goods. In case of weight above 30kg or in case of easy but sizeable goods, as chairs for example the transport is provided by Rhenus forwarder. The goods are usually transported on europallettes which are supposed to be returned to the forwarder immediately after unloading. Table bases and table tops are packed in cardboards, the chairs are stacked and packed to avoid their damage during the transportation. Despite these measures we recommend to check the delivery immediately after unloading and in case of any kind of visible damage it is the subject to be reported to the forwarder. The transportation to the given address is arranged by the seller and paid by the purchaser unless stated otherwise in the order. The term and the method of delivery will be notified by the logistics employee in advance. Shipment accomplishment is considered to be the goods delivery to the stated address, without installation or other forms of handling the goods. The delivery taking is due to be confirmed on the dispatch note. The price qutation abroad is stated on request.



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